A+ Content


The A+ Content feature enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Using this tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images and text placements. Adding A+ to your product detail pages can result in higher conversion rates, increased traffic and increased sales when used effectively.

Eligibility requirements

This feature is only available to Professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners via the Amazon Brand Registry process, as well as emerging brand owners who are part of certain managed selling programmes such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll only be able to add A+ to products that are part of your approved brand catalogue.

We have built A+ Content for hundreds of companies and on average, a client sees 5-15% upake in sales by having it on their listings. View one of our clients by visiting their listing on Amazon here.