amazon listing optimisation


Like all search engines, Amazon has its own way of ranking products based on search queries.

It’s called A9.

In its official statement, A9 says (It’s all about relevance):

“Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user…Our catalog’s structured data provides us with many such relevance features and we learn from past search patterns and adapt to what is important to our customers.”

And sales

Amazon is different to Google with search because it is just a buying platform, which means it’s focused primarily on what products searchers are most likely to buy, rather than what results best match their search question.


To get sales on Amazon, you need to optimise for sales not search. Is your listing well written? Do you explain what it does, how it works and how to use it?

Primary Keywords

Always start with a keyword strategy – cover all keywords that describe your product and any related terms.

The catch

Products on Amazon can only be found through the search function if they contain all of the search terms the user entered into the search bar.


Choose your terms very carefully, and collect as many as possible to increase the likelihood of your product being found in searches.


Are your images desirable? Do they explain what your product is and how it works? How many images do you have? Are they high res?

Hidden Keywords

Have you filled them in correctly? Do you know about duplicates?

If you are stuck with a low ranking/low sales Amazon listing, we can help with all of the above and more. Simple contact us below and we’ll get you on the right track.